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Buy / Sell Ps3 (new , Used) Games In Lebanon From Gamer (cheapest Price Ever)

Discussion in 'Sell, Trade, Buy' started by Gamer, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. Gamer New Member


    I'm a PS3 game bulk dealer and looking to do some end user trades.
    I have used/new games and delivery to most places in Lebanon.
    + I will buy all your used games, or if you want you can trade them.

    Available new games:

    Max Payne 3 - $63
    Yakuza 4 - $33
    Need for Speed The Run - $49
    Mass Effect 3 - $63
    Silent Hill HD Collection - $60
    Yakuza Dead Souls: $63
    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: $50

    Used Games:

    Ninja Gaiden 3 - $39
    WWE 12 - $39
    Resistance 3 - $39
    Batman Arakam City - $39
    Assassin Creed Relevations - $39

    Again i'm interested in buying all your used games:

    Contact me here in the thread and i'll reply.
  2. Issaim Member

    I sell Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Good COndition for 30$
  3. Gamer New Member

    I'll take it for $20, if your interested i'll send someone to get it. Where are u located?
  4. Gamer New Member

    Battlefield 3 USED available for $35 (no online code)
  5. Issaim Member

    Umm its not mine its for my friend il ask him on whatsapp and answer you give me 1 min
  6. imad bahjat Member

    do you have fifa street
  7. Issaim Member

    Sorry Call of duty mw3 nbe3 3al xbox ... Bedak Cod Mw3 3al ps3???
  8. Gamer New Member

    Right now no, but this week it will be in stock for sure.
    I might have a used one interested?
  9. Gamer New Member

    Yeah PS3.. not xbox :)
  10. Issaim Member

    Im Interested in Trading My COD Mw3 on ps3 for your assassin creeds Inbox me if uwant
  11. Gamer New Member

  12. imad bahjat Member

    issaim you have fifa street on ps3
  13. Issaim Member

    No bro Sorry
  14. Gamer New Member

    Fifa Street available new for $65.00
  15. imad bahjat Member

    can you trade with wwe 12
  16. Gamer New Member

    Diablo III Official Mouse Steelseries available for $129
    Diablo III Official Mousepad Steelsries available for $30
  17. Gamer New Member

    Buying WWE 12 (used)
    Selling FIFA Street (new)

  18. imad bahjat Member

  19. Gamer New Member

    Private message sent to Imad Bahjat inside trade offer.
  20. temporary New Member

    how much would you buy Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom? It is in mint condition
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